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Digital transformation innovators celebrate as they announce UK tech-first

  • boxxe becomes UK’s first tech company accredited to deploy Microsoft’s Azure Stack Hub on Dell hardware

  • Accreditation places boxxe on the map as one of the UK’s most innovative digital transformation specialists with hybrid-cloud expertise

boxxe becomes the UK’s first accredited technology solutions provider to deploy Microsoft’s Azure Stack Hub on Dell Hardware. This milestone is another step forward for boxxe on its mission to bring digital transformation to public and private sectors across the UK.

This solution amplifies boxxe’s services catalogue, allowing customers to procure products, services and solutions from a single source. Ultimately, enabling people & organisations to manage their on-premise and cloud infrastructure (also known as a hybrid cloud) with a single set of management tools.

The real impact of this technology is the ability for organisations to make the right choices based on their business requirements when it comes to such considerations as security, data sovereignty and control in the cloud. Azure Stack enables services and solutions to sit on-premise but connected to the Azure cloud in Microsoft data centres.

Joel Berwitz, Chief Revenue Officer at boxxe, comments on the accreditation, “The world is changing at an unbelievable pace and all sectors need to adapt at equal speed. By the end of 2020, 90% of organisations had adopted more cloud technologies than they’d planned for at the start of the year with complex, hybrid-cloud infrastructure management becoming one of the top five most significant challenges for IT professionals  – that’s where we step in.

 “It’s an exciting moment for us, to be able to help organisations decide whether to build or migrate their Azure applications and services within a Microsoft data centre, or build an Azure Stack on their own premise. boxxe can now help organisations build, deploy and manage Azure Stack built on Dell hardware in either standalone or hybrid-cloud setup.”

boxxe continues to make its mark as an innovator that balances positive environmental impact with profit. Partnering with sustainability trailblazers like Microsoft, who pledged to become carbon negative by 2030, and Dell – boxxe advances its vision of enabling companies to adopt greener, more efficient technologies and compete in the modern market.

Image above: Joel Berwitz, Chief Revenue Officer at boxxe


  • boxxe is a York-based technology company.

  • Since 1987, they have helped over 2,000 clients achieve more with technology as suppliers and consultants.


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