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Develop joins the Premier League of digital imaging brands

In the fast-moving world of office technology, Develop may not be the first brand name that comes to mind, but Develop is actually now one of the market-leading brands for colour printers and copiers, featuring significantly in the top-ten sales figures for the UK market. And now, as Official Imaging Partner of top division new boys Huddersfield Town, the brand really has joined the Premier League

Develop - a wide range available
Develop – a wide range available

The multi-award winning Develop ineo range extends from entry-level printers to colour multifunctional devices (MFD) and high speed digital presses. The recent growth and success of the brand is built on quality because the Develop range is actually ultimately manufactured by Konica Minolta, putting the Develop range at the forefront for design, build-quality and technical excellence.

In addition to outstanding print quality, Develop ineo devices feature cutting-edge design and market-leading environmental credentials, as well as state-of-the-art data security and mobile connectivity and a range of time-saving software solutions.

An outstanding feature of Develop devices is their incredible ease of use. Operation is simple using the ineo MFD touchscreen, which supports functions such as drag & flick and allows users to finger-swipe their way through the menu, while pop-ups ensure users don’t get lost in any submenus. Since the full-colour display is as big as a tablet PC, it is easy to read, clearly arranged and allows users to see all the functions they need in one go.

Data Security is the Key
An MFD is a powerful business asset, but left unsecured, MFDs and network printers remain a critical source of vulnerability! That is why Develop has introduced the industry-leading ineo SECURE UK security service.

With the ineo SECURE UK service, a trained service technician will configure the security settings of a Develop device to maximise the security benefits for that particular customer’s requirements, providing peace of mind that the information on their Develop ineo MFD is secure.

A comprehensive suite of security features is offered by ineo SECURE UK, including protection of the hard drive of the MFD, to encrypt data, prevent unauthorised access and to delete and overwrite data as soon as the job is completed.

Following completion of the configuration, an ineo SECURE UK uniquely numbered certification label is placed on the front panel of the MFD, providing visual evidence so that all users can be confident that any sensitive data passing through the device will stay confidential.

Glenn Kershaw, Develop’s UK Marketing Manager, comments: “The threat to IT infrastructures posed by hackers and malware has risen significantly in recent years. Whereas companies spend huge amounts on security technology, they often neglect the huge amount of data residing in and processed by their multifunctional office devices. Yet data, and in particular sensitive data, are one of the most important assets any company can have. We are delighted to introduce ineo SECURE UK to minimise help the risk.”

Mobile printing
Develop offers the award-winning app ineoPRINT, free to download for Android and iOS mobile devices. Providing the administrator has given access to the mobile user to use the network, this app provides extremely simple connection to the MFD; individuals can walk up to any ineo device, scan in the QR code displayed on the home screen, and they are connected.

The ineo range also includes support for NFC (Near Field Communication). The systems’ NFC capability means a mobile device can be used to provide secure print release, replacing traditional authentication tools such as PIN numbers or card readers.

Mobile workers are no longer tied to their desks. They use smart phones and tablets, as opposed to laptops, whilst on the move, but still expect seamless integration into workflows for both printing and scanning of documents. Develop MFDs have been designed to provide uncomplicated mobile usability. Of course, the Develop MFD series support both AirPrint for Apple devices and Mopria for devices running Android 4.4 or higher, but these provide only limited functionality, which is why Develop solutions extend even further.

Develop also offers a direct communication capability with popular cloud servers such as Microsoft Sharepoint, Google Docs, Evernote and so on, for both printing and scanning.

Workflow tools to enhance efficiency
The modern office now demands workflow solutions to help streamline document processing. The latest version of Develop’s easy to use convert+share software brings new functionality and new capabilities to everyday tasks. convert+share does away with manual document processes by allowing original documents to be scanned on a Develop MFD and automatically converted to many different file types, including searchable PDF, xlsx or .docx files. Documents can then be sent straight from the devices to a number of destinations. With the latest release, this includes any cloud-based archiving system.

convert+share uses drag and drop functionality, which makes it incredibly easy to build workflows. Simply capture documents direct from the MFD or via a Watch Folder on your PC, process and edit as required and transfer them to any destination. This workflow can then be saved for all to use quickly and easily. Document access is also secure, managed through authorisation based on user name and password.

Develop UK Product Manager Wayne Snell says: “By using convert+share, many offices will be able to dramatically increase the efficiency of their document workflow by automating processes that until now would have been performed manually. Once again, Develop has the ideal solution to meet our customers’ document management needs at a cost-effective price.”

Develop also offers a range of i-Options, which provide advanced functionality and can be configured to suit the needs of the work environment. Available functions include OCR and searchable PDF creation, versatile file conversion of scanned documents and the newly launched server-less pull printing facility, which allows secure release of print jobs on any Develop MFD in an office fleet.

Minimising environmental impact
Develop puts sustainability at the top of the agenda. The environment-friendly features of the ineo range are proof that the company practises what it preaches. They are also the reason why the manufacturing process and products have received numerous environmental accolades, for example Energy Star, Blue Angel and ISO 14001.

Develop has been instrumental in developing an innovative polymer alloy technology that blends the PET from plastic bottles with the polycarbonate (PC) from water server bottles to create a recycled material of sufficient strength, flame resistance and usability for the outer casings of our multifunctional office devices. The resultant PET/PC plastic material is an industry first.

By equipping Develop devices with features such as duplex printing, N-up printing (several pages combined onto a single sheet), proof print, preview copy and automatic skipping of blank pages, paper consumption can be reduced, helping to save forest resources. Information on how much toner and paper are being saved and cumulative power consumption is displayed in ten steps on the Eco Meter, so users can see what their environmental efforts have achieved. What’s more, this information can be displayed from three perspectives: the entire device, a departmental account or the individual user.

In many offices a multifunctional device will be asleep for much of the working day. Sleep mode saves energy, but the key question for users is how long a device needs to recover from sleep mode. That is why Develop equips its office devices with a proximity sensor built into the operating panel. When a user’s finger approaches the panel, sleep mode is automatically deactivated. Another effective power-saving feature puts the device into an energy-saving state (for example turning the panel display off) when it has not been used for a certain amount of time. This feature does not hold up every day work because the device automatically returns to normal mode when it receives a print signal from a PC.

Heat is needed to fix toner to paper and this accounts for more than 60% of a device’s power consumption. So Develop has introduced a toner that is fixable at about 25°C less than conventional toner. This proprietary polymerised toner helps to reduce power consumption and speed recovery from sleep mode. In addition, imaging quality benefits from using polymerised toner because it has smaller, smoother, more uniform toner particles for more even distribution, significantly better fine line definition and better solid fills. As a result, the patented polymerised toner produces high quality images with a wider colour gamut.

Cutting Edge Design
Many printers and copiers remain dull grey or beige boxes that do little to enhance the aesthetics of the modern office. Develop devices break the mould in this respect, with their distinctive and striking black and white designer casing and stylish touch screen operating panels. Develop also offers a unique service whereby the appearance of the device can be further enhanced with custom-designed ineo ‘decors’, along with unique logos or images on the menu screen, the only limit being the imagination of the user!

National dealership
DSales (UK) Ltd is the exclusive UK distributor for the Develop range, supplying through a national network of accredited independent dealers. All Develop dealerships are highly qualified and meet rigorous technical quality standards.

Jonathan Whitworth, Develop’s UK Managing Director, concludes: “High-end connectivity and customisation options make the ineo range the perfect devices for flexible working in today’s mobile-centric offices. For customers that demand quality print output, advanced functionality, high productivity, reassuring data security and eco-friendliness from their office technology the ineo+ from Develop provides the ideal solution.”

For further information on the Develop range of printers and multifunctional devices call 0844 980 0377; email; or visit

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