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Develop has grown every year since 2006 by developing print and document management solutions optimised for SMEs

Develop is a copier-printer brand with which some readers may be unfamiliar. Yet, in a very short space of time it has grown to the point where Develop is now figuring in the top-ten sales figures for the UK, ahead of some

Jonathan Whitworth: “The Develop ineo range of office multifunctional systems is at the forefront of the market in terms of technical excellence.”
Jonathan Whitworth: “The Develop ineo range of office multifunctional systems is at the forefront of the market in terms of technical excellence.”

other well established manufacturers.

In fact, since 2006, Develop’s UK sales have grown every year, right through the worst recession in 80 years and against the backdrop of a mature reprographics market showing little overall growth. In the UK, Develop is now the seventh best-selling brand for colour multifunctionals in the crucial 20-29 copies per minute market segment.

The Develop range of document imaging systems is manufactured by Konica Minolta Holdings Inc. The company launched 14 new models in 2013 and has introduced a further 14 so far in 2014, including three high-speed production print colour systems.

“It’s a comprehensive range”, says Jonathan Whitworth, managing director of DSales (UK), the British distributor for Develop. “The range has been broadened to include A4 colour and black-and-white multifunctionals, so that any customer fleet requirement can be met entirely from the Develop range.”

Best sellers

The best-selling Develop ineo range extends from the entry-level ineo+ 25e, a 25ppm (pages per minute) colour multifunctional, to the ineo+ 8000, a high speed digital press featuring razor sharp colour output and image stability that has previously only been possible using traditional offset printing presses.

Typical of its mid-range offering are the Develop ineo+ 454e/554e multifunctionals. Designed to streamline document workflows, they deliver top-quality colour and black-and-white output at speeds of 45 and 55 A4 pages per minute respectively and feature an intuitive user interface modelled on a smartphone or tablet. This, combined with a customisable 9-inch colour touchscreen panel, ensures great ease of use and saves users a great deal of time when carrying out everyday document jobs.

Designed for SMEs

In addition to printers and MFPs, Develop produces its own range of document management solutions specially designed for SME customers. “Solutions are now a major factor in any sale and Develop has some excellent document management software (DMS) that is unique to the brand,” explains Whitworth. “Although SMEs have long been aware of the potential benefits, the cost of investing in a DMS and associated training has often been prohibitively expensive. Many of the available solutions have also been unnecessarily complex for SME application. However, the DSales range of software solutions has been specifically engineered for use by SMEs, and is offered at a more competitive price point than has been available before.”

Solutions include the awardwinning ‘store+find’ electronic archiving software; ‘convert+share,’ which enables users to convert scanned documents into a variety of file formats and easily automate processes; ‘Personal Print’, an inexpensive pull-printing solution; and ineoPRINT, a free mobile printing app for iOS and Android smartphones/ tablets. DSales can also provide the leading third-party print management package PaperCut.

With the rise of electronic archiving and the electronic transfer of documents, scanning has become as important a function as copying or printing. When scanning, the ineo+ range offers a variety of electronic distribution options in addition to secure, easily accessible archiving. All systems are available with a choice of scanner and perfectly complement Develop store+find for the electronic capture and storage of documents. Documents can be scanned as .pptx files or archived as PDF/A files.

Data security

Data security is another area where Whitworth believes the Develop ineo range has an advantage. “It’s become a big issue for businesses of all sizes, so the latest ineo MFDs comply with the ISO 15408 internationally accredited security standard for office machines and have 192 or 256 bit data encryption for RAM and hard drives,” he says.

To prevent unauthorised access to print jobs, devices can be secured by user name and password; noncontact IC swipe card; or a finger vein scanner for biometric authentication. Because users sometimes forget to log-out, ineo MFDs can be set to auto-logout after a pre-set period. Once a print job is completed, it is automatically erased from the hard drive to prevent unauthorised output.

With environmental impact and energy consumption also important purchasing criteria, the Develop ineo range has been carefully calibrated to reduce operating costs and carbon footprint. They come with various energy-saving features and automatic deletion of blank pages to avoid unnecessary copying. All new ineo systems conform to the Blue Angel and Energy Star international eco standards.

In conclusion, Whitworth says: “If you’re looking to replace or upgrade printers and copiers, you should certainly contact your local Develop dealership. I think you’ll be in for a very pleasant surprise.”

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