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Desktop solution eliminates problem of counterfeit IDs

HID Global claims to have eliminated the problem of counterfeit ID cards used by universities, enterprises and government bodies through the use of technology similar to that used in US Green Cards.

The new vanGO One-2-One visual security solution hotstamps cards with a square metallic patch displaying the cardholder’s facial image, creating a secure link between the card and cardholder that makes counterfeiting almost impossible.

HID Global says that more than 90% of card inspections in the field are still done visually rather than with electronic readers.

PVC/PET composite cards featuring vanGO metallic patches can be issued on the spot using a desktop system based on HID Global card personalisation software, a FARGO HDP8500 ID card printer and a special laser writer module for printing the metallic patches.

HID Global says that its system is one third of the price of current market solutions. Craig Sandness, Vice President of Secure Issuance Business at HID Global, said: “With this latest breakthrough in our visual security offerings, HID Global is enabling our customers to issue more advanced and secure ID cards than ever before, in the same easy-to-implement and cost-effective way that they have come to expect from us.”

“Two options are available: a standard, off-the-shelf version; and vanGO Custom, which lets you modify the shape and location of the vanGO patch and add other visual security features, such as a hologram.“

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