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Democratisation of IT brings significant challenges

More than half of IT leaders hope to gain better visibility of IT assets (59%) and spending (52%) across their organisation within the next two years, as the rise of infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) and democratised IT spending raises the spectre of complex audits, unchecked costs and security vulnerabilities from decentralised IT.

In a recent survey for the Snow Software-commissioned report What Decentralised IT Spending Means for the CIO’s Role, 67% of IT leaders said at least half of their spend is now controlled by individual business units thanks to cloud and as-a-service models that enable employees to buy and use technology without IT’s involvement.

They warn that the combination of democratised IT and increased cloud usage brings significant challenges: 56% are concerned about hidden cloud costs; and 78% complain that preparation for vendor audits within cloud environments is becoming increasingly complex and time-consuming.

Nearly 90% worry about the prospect of being audited by a software vendor – with good reason, as 73% of those surveyed have been audited by at least one software vendor in the past 12 months (60% by Microsoft, 50% by IBM and 49% by SAP).

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