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Decision-makers still unaware of inkjet technology benefits

Despite the advances that business inkjet technology has made in the workplace in the last few years, business decision-makers are still prey to misconceptions about the technology, warns Epson.

Inkjet market expected to grow in Western Europe
Inkjet market expected to grow in Western Europe

In September, Epson Europe surveyed more than 5,000 professionals in six European countries, asking them a series of true/false questions to gauge their knowledge of different print technologies.

The results show that influencers are still unsure about the respective merits of inkjet and laser print technologies. For example, a majority mistakenly thought that a laser printer produces less CO2 (58%) and less waste (54%) than an inkjet device, and 67% thought that laser printers require less maintenance.

Respondents didn’t get everything wrong: 62% correctly identified that inkjet printers consume less energy and 55% agreed that inkjet printers are faster to print.

However, only 16% of respondents agreed with Epson that inkjet performs better than laser on all five tested fronts: waste, productivity, speed, CO2 and energy use.

Claire Robinson, head of business sales at Epson UK, says that as business aim to cut costs and increase productivity, they need to be made aware of the benefits of business inkjet.

“Epson business inkjet products deliver speeds of up to 100 pages per minute with a low cost per page, plus reduced waste and energy consumption of up to 99% and 96% respectively when compared to laser printers. In addition, maintenance and intervention requirements are up to 98% lower compared to laser products,” she said.

When Epson explained the truth about inkjet printing, 76% of Europeans surveyed switched their allegiance to inkjet.

IDC expects the business inkjet market in Western Europe to grow at a CAGR of 10.2% to 2020.

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