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Dataworkout launches its first film: the quest for super intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has been advancing at an exponential pace over the past few years. DataWorkout, recognising the importance of educating the public on this new technology, has produced its first film. The Quest of Super Intelligence.

The film focuses on how businesses can raise value when implementing AI platforms. The cinematic experience provides a comprehensive view of AI evolution, as well as risks and challenges to implement AI in businesses and for the benefit of society. The film explores how intelligence is evolving to mimic humans, the fears of automation and issues around displacing jobs and exacerbating inequalities.

Even now, many people still associate artificial intelligence with science fiction dystopias despite artificial intelligence becoming commonplace in our daily lives with household names such as Alexa and Siri.

Through the cinematic experiences, DataWorkout offers viewers the opportunity to learn and educate themselves about important new technologies in an entertaining way rather than taking long, dull courses.

This ground breaking company thrives on creating memorable viewing experiences on a variety of trending topics such as Blockchain, Big Data, Quantum Computing and Digital Health.

If you are looking to watch engaging, yet educational films which bring you up to speed with what is happening in the world of technology, then look no further… they are available to rent now!

DataWorkout’s EduFilms are bound to intrigue you, challenge your thinking, and make you reconsider your view of the future.

Learn from the comfort of your home. You join Dataworkout in their quest to democratise education!


Founded by Angel Javier Salazar, DataWorkout aims to raise awareness of disruptive innovation through cinematic filmmaking. Their films are aimed at non-technical professionals who need to learn how to apply and accrue the benefits from these new technologies. After a successful release of their first edufilm The Quest for Super Intelligence, DataWorkout will be launching this month a second film The Lord of the Blocks: Blockchain Unchained, which takes viewers back to a medieval setting of castles, wizards and knights to explain this revolutionary new technology.

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