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Data protection with Frama

New data protection regulations came into force in the United Kingdom and Europe in May last year.

This legislation – the biggest change in data protection law in 20 years has transformed the way in which companies should be sending their email communication.

All businesses now need to prove that they are fully compliant with the new regulations and, when preparing to conform to article 5 of these regulations, should be focusing on the secure transmission of sensitive and financial data via email. Data regulations now require that “the controller and the processor shall implement appropriate technical and organisational measures to ensure a level of security appropriate to the risk” and expressly states that such measures include the pseudonymisation and encryption of personal data.

Lack of email encryption

Even with these changes to the law, statistics show that less than 40% of businesses today use any form of encryption when sending data via email. Why is this? In most cases it is due to the cumbersome process both for the sender and the recipient.

Even if a business is using a form of encryption it may not conform to the new legislation. Why? This is because it is very difficult to prove what was sent, what was received and by whom?

This is where RMail (Registered Mail), a solution provided by Frama throughout Europe, will help. Frama RMail provides a legal, third party authenticated record of who said what, to whom and when. It records email delivery, opening, official time of sending and receiving, and associated message and attachment content, providing a complete audit trail and authentication.

The ICO has published detailed guidance on encryption, exploring its use through a range of practical scenarios to highlight when and where different encryption strategies can help provide a greater level of protection.

The Frama RMail platform

Lenny Wood, Marketing Manager at Frama UK explains how the use of the Frama RMail encrypted email platform can help businesses stay compliant with new data protection legislation and provide a secure environment for sending and receiving encrypted business-critical communications.

“There are a variety of encryption configuration options to maximise security, while maintaining user simplicity and flexibility.

This unique offering provides a powerful 256bit encryption tool that requires no additional work from the receiver’s end, for example signing up to third party web applications, downloading the email etc..

Another key benefit is that it does not store any sent documents on the cloud or on any server.

RMail is easy to install with no IT intervention – the RMail platform is simply added to a company’s current email client – and there are also a number of additional features supplied as standard within the product, such as e-signature and large file transfer”.

A value added service

Due to the ease of installation and powerful suite of tools, Frama RMail offers a new and profitable way to add value to any IT services contract.

With over 40 million users Worldwide, Frama have established a solid user base in the UK and are now looking to expand the number of users through their referral program.

This program adds Frama RMail to an existing customer offering, providing additional value to your customer base through our market leading email security platform as well as providing your business with an additional revenue stream.

Our referral program offers;

Additional revenue stream

Improve customer retention

Pre and post-sales support package

In conclusion

Frama RMail provides an easy to use solution for the transmission of sensitive and financial data via email whilst giving businesses the confidence that the data has been sent securely and can provide an audit trail for data protection compliance. A simple but powerful piece of software that enhances standard email opening new revenue opportunities.

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