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Crossmedia Marketing

Another new product announced at Connect 2018, EFI MarketDirect, extends the company’s advocacy of personalisation to businesses of all sizes, whether they acquire it independently or consume it as a service provided by a third party.

Personalised communications
Personalised communications

A replacement for EFI DirectSmile, EFI MarketDirect is a complete platform that integrates all the elements needed to create, publish, track, sell and distribute personalised communications.

The first components to be launched are the cross-media solution EFI MarketDirect CrossMedia 8, which makes it easier than ever for users to customise and personalise both document design and delivery method (web, email, print, mobile, social media), and the VDP composition and work?ow engines, MarketDirect VDP and MarketDirect VDP Enterprise.

The benefits of personalising customer engagements are well known, including up to a 50% reduction in customer acquisition costs, a 5-15% lift in revenue and a 10-30% increase in marketing spend ROI (source: McKinsey & Co).

In a new survey by Epsilon, 90% of respondents said they find personalisation appealing, with 80% conceding that they are more likely to do business with a company that personalised their engagement. Two thirds are willing to hand over personal information in exchange for offers, recommendations and discounts.

In the past, creating personalised campaigns was such a complex process that it was usually only attempted as part of a strategic marketing campaign with long lead times and an allocated budget. EFI Product Marketing Manager Aaron Tavakoli claims that EFI MarketDirect CrossMedia 8 is so simple it removes this obstacle. “It lets you be more reactive, decide to do something on the day and bring personalisation to every engagement with customers rather than purely on a long-term strategic basis,” he said.

It does this through a number of features designed for use by marketing professionals with no programming skills and no time for extensive training. These include:

a campaign wizard and work?ow manager that guides users through the most common campaign types;

customisable templates that save time by allowing users to re-use digital assets created for other campaigns;

a storyboard feature that lets users build a campaign in just minutes using simple drag and drop tools; and

a dashboard where marketing professionals can view and compare data relating to each campaign, such as opening and response rates.

Tavakoli added that while similar solutions tend to include print as an afterthought, EFI CrossMedia can be fully integrated with EFI web-to-print solutions.

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