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Cost deters half of firms from investing in IT

Almost half of firms (48%) are putting off investing in technology for their sales teams because of concerns about cost, claims CITE Research in a new report sponsored by SugarCRM.

The SalesTech Report also highlights a lack of confidence in installing new technology, with 34% of respondents worried about the complexity of introducing new tech systems and 20% concerned that they lack the skill to use new tools.

One third of the 400 sales executives surveyed cite ‘resisting change’ as the main reason for avoiding investment in new technology

Even so, the research shows that 63% of UK companies each year spend at least £1,200 per sales representative on technology, including smart phones, laptops, CRM systems and web meeting platforms; 22% spend at least £2,400 per sales employee.

CRM remains the most frequently deployed tool for sales teams, with 70% of organisations saying they use the technology.

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