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Coronavirus boosts cloud infrastructure investment

survey of 250 IT leaders in the UK, US and Canada by Snow Software, a provider of technology intelligence solutions, highlights the extent to which the coronavirus pandemic and recession are changing organisations’ use of technology.

More than three quarters (82%) say they have increased their cloud usage as a result of lockdown and 60% plan to continue to increase it now that people are returning to their workplaces. Two thirds (66%) say they plan to carry on using the cloud services and applications implemented during the crisis.

Snow Software points out that although video meeting apps (e.g. Zoom, Cisco WebEx and GoToMeeting) and communication apps (e.g. Slack, Teams and Google Chat) grabbed the headlines, being cited as ‘lifesavers’ by 73% and 65% of respondents respectively, the biggest contributor to the increase in cloud usage is cloud infrastructure, with 76% of respondents increasing their use of cloud platforms, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and private cloud.

Snow Software adds that the experience of lockdown and the economic outlook have caused 91% to alter their cloud strategy, with twice as many planning to accelerate cloud migration (45%) and digital transformation (41%) compared to people putting those initiatives on hold (22% and 21% respectively).

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