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Case study: Outdoor furniture brand, Fenetti, on using get busy to streamline everything, everywhere


Fenetti Outdoor Living, is a luxury outdoor furniture brand offering the largest range in Europe.


Fenetti use NetSuite to manage all aspects of its stock – from warehousing in the UK and Europe to shipping from the Far East. However, while NetSuite could easily manage all the operational and logistical issues, it fell short at the actual customer experience level.

The customers’ journey starts on the website or a marketplace and if customers had queries about their orders, there was no easy way of matching up the information held in NetSuite with the customer questions so that the customer service team could quickly respond to the issue – there was a missing link…


When receiving orders (through Zendesk, telephone and email), Fenetti needed a tool to pull the complex order information together, assign accountability, and communicate effectively back to the customer and the GetBusy’s NetSuite SuiteApp enabled this to happen.

With the ongoing logistical issues surrounding COVID, Fenetti also started using Get Busy’s dedicated client portalswith its oversea factories to share product information, transfer essential product documentation and store business information.


Get Busy enabled Fenetti to pull all the different information it needed from each of its ERPs together into one coherent, user-friendly application that was accessible not only to its own workforce, but to suppliers and warehousing staff around the world.

By streamlining all the operational and logistical data and having the ability to feed it back down the right channels, the correct member of the Fenetti team is now accountable for answering customer questions in a timely manner with the relevant, most-up-to-date information available allowing exceptional levels of Customer Service.

In summary, Get Busywas introduced alongside its existing NetSuite software to help streamline operations, enhance customer service and ultimately, drive better sales.

“I came across GetBusy and it has been the perfect solution for us. It has slotted in perfectly and has filled the gap we needed to truly look after our customers. It allows us to pull data from anywhere, tie it together, make staff accountable, and feeds that data back to the customers.”

Richard Totman, Director of Fenetti.

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