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Business Psychologist voices concerns as new figures highlight over two thirds of recent redundancies are women

New research from PWC highlights a staggering imbalance in pandemic related redundancies as more than twice as many women (78%) have lost their jobs compared to men. Business Psychologist, Dannielle Haig, urges leaders to consider this imbalance when looking at any further redundancies and to prioritise employee wellbeing during this challenging time.

This huge imbalance in redundancies needs to be addressed by business leaders as these serious decisions have a huge impact on their organisations and employee’s wellbeing. The research also showed that two thirds of the women who lost their jobs are between the age of 18 and 34 highlighting a huge disproportion in redundancies of young women.

As the nation slips into a second lockdown, after a few months of freedom and a taste of normal life, the impact of work-related stress on wellbeing is expected to increase. Add to this the looming concerns over redundancy and it isn’t surprising that recent figures from the Office for National Statistics found that 40% of adults reported that the impact of the pandemic was affecting their wellbeing.

Leaders need to carefully review all interactions with employees and take into account the impact redundancies have had on remaining staff, ensuring all future communication is considered and clear. As employees work from home many may feel detached from the business and fearful of their positions as they don’t have the same day to day interactions with line managers and other team members.

Dannielle Haig, Business Psychologist and Owner of DH Consulting, added, “As a business psychologist and coach who works with many senior leaders, this huge imbalance in redundancies is upsetting and shows many leaders still have a detachment from employees. Businesses need strong leaders now more than ever and it is fundamental they show empathy, support their staff and take time to consider any key decisions, such as future redundancies. The most efficient and effective approach to support employees is through the training and development of the senior team so they become great leaders.”

SOURCE: PWC – Employee research Sept 2020

About DH Consulting

Dannielle Haig is an international Business Psychologist and founder of DH Consulting who works with both business leaders and inspiring leaders to develop their leadership skills and reach their true potential.

Her academic background specialised in specific personality traits, which are common amongst many business leaders, executives, CEOs and politicians, and this has given her a deep understanding of their behaviour and thought processes. This allows her to really understand her clients, whilst working with them confidently, developing their potential tailored to their specific requirements.

This experience gives Danielle a unique approach to business coaching and has allowed her to help inspiring leaders accelerate their careers, enhanced the way senior leaders manage their employees and helped many businesses develop their leader’s true potential and in turn grow their businesses.

Dannielle’s success has come from her combined evidence-based-practice, and also her personal experiences working in the corporate environment, giving her a unique approach and perception of her client’s requirements.

She is also an accomplished international public speaker who has hosted many events, inspiring audiences by sharing her expertise on mental strength and resilience in the workplace.

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