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Better together

OneLogin recently launched the first Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) solution to unify access management for onpremise and cloud applications.

Stuart Sharp, OneLogin
Stuart Sharp, OneLogin

OneLogin Access gives customers a ‘single pane’ for managing access to cloud applications, traditional onpremise applications (such as Oracle and SAP), networks and devices.

Use of standard protocols like SAML enables organisations to secure legacy applications with a variety of authentication factors (including adaptive authentication, which benchmarks typical user behaviour and detects anomalies) and monitor them with out-of-the-box security information and event management (SIEM).

OneLogin claims that having a single cloud-based Unified Access Management Platform integrated with Active Directory enables organisations to modify access privileges across all applications in real time, rather than in days or weeks, and can slash access management costs by 50% or more.

Its research suggests there is huge pent-up demand for such a solution. In a survey conducted by Arlington Research for OneLogin, 98% of IT decision-makers said they were either ‘extremely’ or ‘very’ interested in such a product.

A separate study by McKinsey & Company found that 60% of respondents expect to rely on a third party access service that supports multiple public-cloud environments and unifies access controls across onpremise and public-cloud resources.

Speaking at the launch of OneLogin Access, Garret Bakker, Principal Security Analyst at 451 Research, said that demand for a unifed access management solution was a consequence of Hybrid IT and the proliferation of security products, with some companies buying, deploying and managing as many as 50 separate security solutions.

“Most firms have far too many security tools in the on-prem world, and we are also seeing separate tools emerge for securing cloud. These tools only work in one of these environments and not both, so instead of making our lives easier they are layering on more stuff we have to manage. If security tools can work across both on-prem and the cloud, they can go a long way to making our lives easier,” he said.

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