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Olivetti ‘Best for Solutions’ dealers provide a single point of contact for multi-vendor print management

 businesses pay as much attention to network security, information control and document management as they do to the features of the equipment itself.
businesses pay as much attention to network security, information control and document management as they do to the features of the equipment itself.

Today, when selecting a fleet of office printers, copiers and MFPs, businesses pay as much attention to network security, information control and document management as they do to the features of the equipment itself.

Much of this centres around who has control of devices and the functions each user is able to access, such as who can output in colour, for example. Some users, especially if they are ‘hot-desking’, need to be able to print directly from their smartphone or tablet, while others may have to collect prints, sometimes featuring confidential information, from another MFP in the building.

To manage and control equipment, some form of user authentication must be enabled on each machine, so that each user can securely access their own print jobs. This enables an administrator or IT manager to monitor usage and keep an eye on print volumes.

Authentication can be seen as a complicated process especially if a company has machines from more than one manufacturer. Recent research indicates that a growing number of customers are reluctant to deal with multiple vendors of authentication software and card readers.

  • Customer concerns are wideranging:
  • Having separate invoices and separate pricing from each vendor has implications for the customers’ accounting systems;
  • Users aren’t happy to call different people every time support is required;
  • There are often variations in the level of analysis and reporting that each manufacturer supplies;
  • and Most vendors only supply licences on a ‘per person’ basis, which can be irksome for fast growing businesses that are continually taking on more staff.

Single solutions

To combat these concerns, Olivetti Managed Print Services and Solutions provides a complete print management model for a wide range of black and white and colour printers and multifunctional products.

For print management, Olivetti has chosen to work with partners who can provide a ‘one-stop-shop’ solution that satisfies the needs of customers that prefer to deal with one company, with one invoice and one point of contact for support and reporting.

One of these partners is Y Soft, which provides scalable print system management solutions that enable businesses to control costs, reduce waste, increase convenience for users and have a beneficial effect on the environment.

Another is Open Bee, a provider of an advanced scanning and document archiving solution that can be embedded into Olivetti’s range of A3 colour MFPs as a seamless front-end to a customer’s document archiving workflow.

The perfect fit

The Y Soft SafeQ5 solution is a perfect fit for Olivetti, as it provides security, print and access management, monitoring and reporting across all of a customer’s products regardless of the OEM brand, easing the concerns of customers who don’t want to deal with multiple vendors.

The server-based solution enables companies to take control of their devices, limits functionality (e.g. colour printing) by user or application and provides easy ‘follow-me’ and mobile printing, with print release by PIN code, user-name and password or IC Contactless Cards. For flexibility, the ‘per-device’ licence can be transferred to another device at any time.

Authorised dealers

The Olivetti/Y Soft solution is only available through fully trained partners authorised under the Olivetti Best for Solutions Programme. This stringent programme was set up by Olivetti so that customers could identify solutions specialists qualified to provide the best advice, service and support and one point of contact. Best for Solutions accreditation is only offered to dealers that achieve the highest standard. Fully qualified sales and support teams will be expected to deliver ‘first tier’ support to end users, including initial consultation, with system and environment scoping, so that the customer has full confidence that their needs have been fully understood.

Dealers should also provide a full demonstration of how the system operates before the customer makes their decision to purchase; explain the reporting, analysis and support schedules; provide one quotation; manage the installation and implementation of authentication systems; and give full customer training. If problems are encountered that require additional expertise, Olivetti can step in to assist the dealer as a second tier of support.

Olivetti understands that organisations have enough demands on their time, without having to deal with lots of different manufacturers for authentication and document management. Which it is why it has developed its ‘Best for Solutions’ programme, giving customers a single point of contact for print management solutions, implementation and support.

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