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Alaris launches new category of scanning device.

Ground-breaking smart connected scanning solution opens up new opportunities for Alaris partners

Alaris, a Kodak Alaris business, has introduced a new type of scanner in the form of the Alaris INfuse Smart Connected Scanning Solution.

Inspired by feedback from partners and end-user customers, the Alaris INfuse Solution integrates directly with existing applications and the cloud, providing enterprises with faster, more accurate onboarding of information into business processes.

It has three main elements:

1.Integration with a Software Application, typically a cloud-based enterprise solution for invoice processing, medical records management, customer account management or other business process, provided by a partner and integrated with Alaris APIs;

2.INfuse Management Software, providing remote configuration and fleet management through a bi-directional API provided by Alaris, with easy end-user set-up – end users simply scan a QR-printed smart set-up sheet provided by the partner and they are up and running with no training required; and

3.An INfuse AX Scanner – a smart network scanning device, requiring no PC or software/drivers, that accurately and securely transfers data, metadata and finished image files directly into a business process. INfuse offers enterpriselevel security, including a separate data path and control path to isolate confidential content for secure transmission.

The INfuse Solution enables endusers to onboard content directly into a business process ‘at the edge’. When a scan is successfully transmitted and form fields are validated, the end-user receives real-time acknowledgement and immediate exception notifications. This enables missing forms, signatures and other critical information to be corrected instantly, saving money and improving employee productivity.

For Alaris President & General Manager Don Lofstrom, this last point is a game-changer. He said: “Exception handling and the opportunity for immediate corrective action is critical. Reconstructing and re-scanning documents is difficult and costly. Bi-directional communication enabled by Alaris APIs is a game changer. It places INfuse in a category by itself – a smart, connected scanning solution with IoT capabilities for today’s information capture market.”

The solution also gives channel partners a more cost-effective way to install and manage a fleet of devices on their customers’ premises. Under Alaris’s enhanced Managed Capture Services (MCS) proposition, partners will be able to monitor scanner operational data, deliver usage reports, manage alerts for customer scanners and integrate Alaris scanners into centralised device management solutions, such as an existing Managed Print Service (MPS).

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