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AI – the new email

It’s very clear that AI is having a profound impact on the world today. However, we’re still very much within the ‘hype cycle’. The c-suite knows it’s relevant, but they’re still to make AI a strategic priority and, instead, are adopting it cautiously on a case-by-case basis. For example, AI’s main use right now is with chatbots, cognitive servicing and doing complex calculations at extreme scale.

For now, people are more likely to engage with the results of AI (and become comfortable with AI tools) in their personal rather than their professional lives. In this way, it’s very similar to how email grew in popularity, first as a consumer tool and only later as the main communication platform for business.

In three to five years’ time, we’ll start to see AI taking over business models and being incorporated into organisations’ overarching business strategies. But this will only come once the general public has accepted the technology, for example in customer service chatbots or consumer products like Google Home.

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