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AI is here to stay.

AI is coming to a workplace near you – if it hasn’t already – and few seem concerned about it.

In an international survey of more than 1,000 employers and 4,000 employees by Genesys, 64% of employers said they plan to use AI by 2022, with 25% already using it.

While 17% of employees are concerned that their company could use AI in an unethical manner, 80% have no worries in this regard. Employers seem to be more aware of the risks, with only half confident that AI won’t be used unethically by their companies (54%) or by individual employees (52%).

While 59% of UK employees don’t expect AI or bots to take their jobs within the next 10 years, 64% of employees and 61% of employers believe companies should be required to maintain a minimum percentage of human workers versus AI-powered robots and machinery.

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