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A print review was the key to unlocking print savings at GreenSquare Group

GreenSquare Group is a major provider of housing, regeneration, care and support, and commercial services across Wiltshire, Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire. With offices in Chippenham, Swindon, Gloucester and

A print review was the key to unlocking print savings at GreenSquare Group
A print review was the key to unlocking print savings at GreenSquare Group

Oxford, it owns and manages around 11,000 homes, employs more than 600 staff and has a turnover of £60m.

When Mark Gingell, ICT Service Manager, joined GreenSquare Group, he quickly discovered that around 10% of the problems reported to his ICT helpdesk related to printing. Unreliable printers were causing real headaches and inefficiencies across the entire organisation, wasting staff time and affecting performance. It was obvious that something needed to be done to fix it. Gingell decided that a review of GreenSquare’s printing and copying facilities had to be started immediately.

“My review showed that GreenSquare printed an average of 10,000 pages per day, using a large array of ageing, low-capacity and often unreliable laser multifunctional printers. The assortment of out-of-date and newer devices had conflicting print driver technologies which were creating compatibility issues within our technical environment. The print servers would routinely crash for no obvious reason,” he explained.

“To add to the complexity of the situation, there were also a large number of inkjet printers in circulation at that time. Most of these devices were designed for small output and had very low capacity. Furthermore, they were slow, they produced poor quality hard copies and the consumables were expensive.

“It was obvious to me that we needed to simplify the printing solution and modernise the equipment. I wanted to make it easy for staff to print – and to introduce consistency so that the technical aspects would work more effectively while being easier to manage. Fundamentally, though, I needed printing to work and address people’s obvious frustrations!”

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GreenSquare has strong ‘green’ credentials and a rigorous environmental policy. The team saw this as an ideal opportunity to focus on the ‘green’ in GreenSquare. As part of the tender, in addition to the print devices, GreenSquare required a print management software solution to drive compliance with an enriched print policy designed to drive out waste and unnecessary printing. An internal project team was formed to create a tender that would meet GreenSquare’s needs. The project’s objective was to replace the old with the new and at the same time introduce ‘follow me printing’, enhanced auditing, print management and policy enforcement.

A large number of companies responded to the tender, from which GreenSquare drew up a shortlist of three before finally selecting TA Triumph-Adler.

“TA Triumph-Adler stood out for us,” explained Gingell. “They carefully listened to our requirements and heard all about our very specific pain points. They also took the time and trouble to understand my commercial considerations and constraints. Armed with that information, they designed a great technical solution that works really well while removing £36K per annum from our previous levels of expenditure on printing.”

TA Triumph-Adler implemented 12 A3 colour MFP 5505ci units across all of GreenSquare’s offices, plus PaperCut print management software and a full support and maintenance contract. The support includes proactive fault management and a consumables replacement service that ensures consumables are replaced before they run out and impact users.

Gingell said: “TA Triumph-Adler’s sales representative completely understood my reason for specifying the same model across all our sites and recommended the MFP 5505ci – not only because of its high functional 22_Green_Square_TA_bcapabilities, but also because of its energy-saving features. This solution ensured that any unplanned outage of a device only represented a reduction in capacity and no loss of functionality. The additional, smaller 260ci MFP was proposed for our warehouse where we store our building equipment and materials.”

In conclusion, he added: “The installation went very smoothly and the feedback has been very positive from all of our staff. In fact, I would go so far as to say this project has been transformational. Staff have been waxing lyrical about the new printers and the improvements have genuinely revolutionised the way we work at GreenSquare.

“By using ‘Follow Me’ and TA Triumph-Adler’s Three Tier Billing System, our printing culture changed quickly and we saved an additional £9K in the first three months. Within six months we managed to reduce our print output by 20K pages, producing further savings, all of which we have been able to re-invest into our core business of building homes and communities. I’m certain I made the right choice choosing TA TriumphAdler and would strongly recommend them for a similar project.”

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