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A must for the post-covid meeting room !

Post-Covid workplaces might look much as they did before, but working practices are going to be very different

With the workforce now going to Zoom and Teams regularly, virtual meetings are becoming more and more a part of standard working practice, so that in the future the need to travel will be greatly reduced.

Now it is finally time to say goodbye to all those hours wasted on the road and to embrace new tech that will make us more efficient and greener in our working lives.

When looking for tech to help us move forward, one solution that should be on every short-list is the OWL Labs Pro, a neat, plug and play device that enables everyone in a room to be seen and heard clearly by anyone joining a meeting remotely.

The only other thing you need to create the sort of virtual meeting experience that used to cost a fortune is a computer or laptop linked to a display.

Meeting Owl Pro
Meeting Owl Pro

The OWL Labs Pro, connected to the internet, acts as the meeting room’s gateway to the world, providing everyone linking in from outside with a 360-degree view of the room, with no software stitching and full surround sound.

This USB plug and play device plugs into any PC or laptop running Zoom or Teams, becoming the room’s eyes and ears. There is no software to install or network to connect to. Just select the OWL Pro as the camera and audio device in your computer’s settings and the built-in software does the rest. Set up is that simple.

The camera itself provides 1080p HD clarity to viewers and meeting participants, while 8 internal microphones pick up speakers’ comments with extra clarity.

One feature we love is the OWL Pro’s ability to switch automatically to the person speaking. When someone in the room starts talking, microphones detect which direction the sound is coming from and automatically switch the camera to focus on that person.

Built-in noise reduction technology ensures the OWL Pro picks up only voices, and not coughing, sneezing, muttering or even air conditioning, so it always focuses on the right person.

If you want to, you can install an OWL app from the app store to control volume and camera focus from your phone – a valuable tool when chairing a meeting.

Multiple Meeting Rooms
If you have a team spread across multiple offices, each group can join the same meeting from their own conference room via Meeting Owl Pro.

Room Size
The Meeting Owl Pro is suitable for use in large and medium-sized rooms up to 15 x 20 feet. The mic pickup has an 18-foot radius and features Smart Zooming capabilities to pick up people sitting further away.

It is compatible with Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams, Webex, GoToMeeting, BlueJeans and virtually all other web-based video conference software.

Intelligent Video
The camera captures in 1080p and its 360° lens shows the entire room, automatically zooming in and focusing on the person speaking. If you choose to, you can lock the view using the Meeting Owl mobile app.

360 Degree Audio
The 8 omnidirectional smart mics and 360° speaker make sure you can hear everyone in the room up to 18 feet away from the device.

Connects via USB and combines video and audio to simplify meeting setup.

The Meeting Owl Pro can be used with a computer running the software platform of your choice. However, to take advantage of the Owl Labs’ Smart Meeting Room ecosystem, it must connect to the internet via Wi-Fi, either through your network or through your smartphone. This ecosystem gives you access to significant enhancements and information, including things like the number of meetings held and the number of people in the room, which Owl Labs reports back to you via the Meeting Owl mobile app.

The Wi-Fi connection is also used for software updates.For more information go to:

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