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Mobile apps key to more efficient timesheet management

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The potential for apps to transform workplace processes is highlighted in a new report from Changepoint.

Its new study, Mobile Keeps Business Moving Forward, shows that while 78% of employees want to use mobile time-tracking apps, currently only 11% do so. Most organisations still rely on old-fashioned, error-prone methods for managing timesheets, including Excel spreadsheets (28%) and pen and paper (36%).

As a result, 77% of managers and 49% of project managers have no confidence in the accuracy of the timesheets they track and approve.

The provider of project and portfolio management applications points out that as 95% of survey respondents use their mobile phones for work-related tasks during the day, it is vital to align work processes with modern working practices. It warns that failure to do so will impair productivity and cost time and money.

Making the case for investment in mobile apps, Changepoint cites research by Adobe suggesting that companies that have done so have, on average, achieved ROI of 35%. Other survey findings highlight the importance of easy timetracking, notably the finding that at any time 97% of respondents are allocated to more than one project, with 49% working on four or more projects and 18% juggling seven or more.

To help businesses meet the demands of mobile working, Changepoint has released a mobile task management, time entry and timesheet submission app that makes it easy for users to enter data any time, on any device. Daptiv TTM works seamlessly with Daptiv PPM.

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